Bone Infilling

Bone material is usually allowed to remain untouched by attempts to make it whole due to the ethical concerns. This is felt in many circles, especially regarding human remains, since infills will hide some of the history of the object. The infilling proposed in my research was for faunal collections that would be displayed in natural history museums. They would not be used for study, and would be more aesthetically pleasing to the eye if they were whole.

The materials tested were: Flugger, dental plaster, and B-72 mixed with microballoons.

Flugger Progress.jpg

Flugger mounted over toothpick held in place with B-72.

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Tradition Iconography

I was interested in traditional iconography from childhood, and was given the opportunity to experiment with traditional mediums
-Prepared the wood backing
-Created gesso by mixing rabbit skin glue and crushed chalk at a 1:1 ratio
-Applied to linen backing
-Made a ‘cartoon’ to transfer the icon from paper to the board
-Gilded and punched pattern into halo
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